Top 10 Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is a place for a perfect luxurious vacation from sandy deserts to lush green beautiful parks. Dubai is a city that has it all but nothing can beat the beautiful sandy and clear blue beaches of the city. The beaches in Dubai are warm, clean and aqua blue. The Persian Gulf Sea turns it into a perfect tropical resort location.

Due to the intense temperature in the country, people choose to visit the beaches often to refresh and entertain themselves from the hectic routine. After the long week, many of us choose to go to a perfect picnic with our friends and family to the beaches of Dubai and if you are traveling to Dubai then the beaches of this city must-go place on your bucket list.

Here are some of the beaches that you should not be missing going to the city of Dubai.

1. The Beach in JBR

The beach in JBR (Jumeirah beach residence) is perhaps one of the best beaches in Dubai situated in the Dubai Marina. The Beach offers world-class boutiques and the skyscrapers. The exquisite beach also has jogging tracks for morning walks and jog whenever you want. To keep you hydrated it has juice bars. The smooth sand of the beach will give you the stylish city vibes. This is a famous beach in Dubai has everything to offer and is definitely worth the money that you will pay.

2. Sunset Beach

Also known as Umm e Suqeim beach the beach is located in Umm e Suqeim with the background of the iconic Burj al Arab hotel. This free beach is the perfect spot for taking photos for your Instagram or Facebook. There are some areas that are covered for a picnic with your family and friends. The beach is perfect for morning walks as it has a perfect view of sunrise and sunset.

3. Kite Beach

As the name suggests kite beach is famous for its kite surfing. This beach as you can say the sportiest beach of the city. As it is the perfect spot for beach volleyball, surfing, paddle boarding and more, This beach is also perfect for spending good quality time with friends and family. There are also many food stalls and free Wi-Fi is also available.

4. La Mer Beach

Dubai’s newest beach where you can do many things from top-grade shopping and restaurants to cafes and watching a movie this beach won’t disappoint you. It has a trampoline playground for kids and colorful cabanas and shower cabins. The new Laguna water park has just opened near the beach where you have to pay of course, present on the north side of the city this beach is just beautiful.

5. Al Mamzar Beach

Located on the border of Dubai and Sharjah, this pocket-friendly beach is a perfect spot for you and your family. This beach park has a lot of lush green areas and barbeque spots where you can prepare your lunch or dinner. It has a beautiful park by the sea and playground for kids too and your children will absolutely love this beautiful beach. There are showers, bathrooms and changing rooms as well.

6. Black Palace Beach

The black palace beach is located in between palm Jumeirah and Burj al Arab. This beach is also known as Al Sufuoh Beach. This beach is pretty peaceful and does not have many things to offer but it’s quiet and clean atmosphere will surely keep you relaxed and help you meditate. and is also quite remarkably clean Many people go to the beach with their kids to fishing at sunrise and sunset.

7. Mercato Beach

Mercato beach is located near the Mercato mall on Jumeirah beach road. The beach is not very scenic but can give you a quite relaxed time, whether you walk by the sea or sunbath or you can read books in the library as there are not many tourists. This beach is pretty quiet which means you spend a relaxed time there or read a book. There are also cycle tracks for cycling and walking.

8. Nikki Beach

If you want to spend your money then Nikki Beach is the one for you. With it has many things to offer from turquoise swimming pools to poolside bar and spa. This is one of the top beaches in Dubai which is recommended for adults as under21 are not allowed. You can also book your own private pool and poolside beds by paying extra or book your own super stylish villa. This beach also offers super creative cocktails and mocktails which are worth trying.

9. Riva Beach Club

The Riva beach club is a luxury private beach club where you will have to pay a bit more than the usual beaches in the city of Dubai. You can chill in the cool water on a hot sunny day on its temperature-controlled pools or just sunbath near the poolside with tropical drinks with DJ’s playing your desired music. Riva offers you an unforgettable dining experience with its most delicious food. This is a must-go place in Dubai which is absolutely perfect for parties with friends.

10. Jabel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali is situated a bit far from downtown. Luckily it also has a beach where you can spend some quality time with friends and take a dip in the water without spending. The flat Jebel Ali beach area is next to Palm Jebel Ali or you can play some water sport and don’t forget to bring the equipment by yourself due to a lack of sports equipment there, families can enjoy camping or BBQ at the beach too.

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