10 Types of Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai UAE

highest paying jobs in dubai

With thousands of job opportunities available anytime, Dubai is certainly the place to be if you are a job hunter or simply looking for opportunities that will make you ultra-rich in a short span of time. Dubai was not the same place as it is today. Dubai, the rich emirate and the city that we see today are a direct result of hard work put in by several thousand locals and expatriates. In this article, we have described the best-paid jobs in Dubai and the UAE. Top Highest Paid Job…

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The Different Types of Civil Engineering Jobs to Start Your Career

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that its history dates back to the first time somebody built a shade to protect himself/herself from the rain or the first time somebody laid down a tree trunk to cross a river. With infrastructure playing a crucial role in the overall progress of a country’s economy in the present day, civil engineering is considered to be one of the most important engineering fields. Thus, the demand for civil engineers has also gone up. Although…

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How to get a job in Dubai & UAE?

how to get a job in Dubai

To get a job in Dubai is a major move in anyone’s career journey. Booming economically and a hub for new business ventures, Dubai is regarded as one of the top cities to live in and one of the best cities to work in. It’s a perfect place to settle into and to kick-start your career. The job market is rising and the job opportunities are increasing by 20% in the next year because of Expo 2020.  It has been a sought-after destination for expatriates, it means that getting a…

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How to Answer Most Common Job Interview Questions?

Job Interview Questions and Answers

When you apply for a job and you called for an interview, there are various questions that are asked. The better prepared you are; The more successful your interview would be. You must prepare yourself for the general questions you will be answering during the interview. When you are sure about the questions that may be asked, it becomes easier for you to get through the whole process successfully and even end up getting the dream job that you were after! So, here in this article, we shall look into…

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How to get a job without any experience

how to get job without experience

It’s the catch 22 situation for anybody – getting a job without any experience! However, the good news is that you can still get one. Whether you are a first-time job seeker or a teenager, how are you supposed to find a job if you haven’t had one before? This seems like it can be a challenge but there are a few tricks that can really help you. To make it easier for you to land a new job without any prior experience at all, here are some vital tips you…

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How to write a thank you email after an interview

writing thank you email after interview

Writing a thank you email after the job interview can positively or negatively affect on your job application. Let’s have a look at how to write an email to the employer to thank them for the interview. You need to include the subject line that reminds the employer of how they know you perfectly by mentioning the job you are applying for. Your greetings should be quite formal by using the first name only. You need to thank the employer for the interview and reaffirm your interest in the job.  You can…

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How to Choose the Right Career Path in the Digital Age

Whether you are just starting a new career or you have been really long time sick of what you are doing, choosing the next career path can be pretty daunting. There are many tough decisions that you will be faced with in life, but one of the toughest has got to be choosing a career path. While some people just kind of “fall into their career” the majority put thought into what it is they want to do with their life. In today’s digital age, choosing the right career has…

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How to write a good CV

how to write a good cv

Your CV is a single most important document when searching for a new job. It does not matter how long is taking to write, the person reading it will take about 5 seconds to form an opinion as well as grabbing the attention to potential employers your CV will have to impress them too. You will have to show that you have the necessary skills and competencies to do the job. Is a lot to ask but all it takes a few simple rules to make sure that you produce…

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How to follow up after a job interview

follow up after job interview

Chances are that you may be aware of the steps before you head for an interview but did you know that there are a few things you can do or should do after an interview to improve your chances of landing the job? 5 Things you must do after a job interview Well, the exact steps that you need to take would depend solely on your performance at the interview and the employment situation at the company you had gone for an interview. In general, here are a few things…

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How to respond to a job offer letter?

how to respond to job offer letter

Getting a job offer will definitely excite you to a level where you will probably be jumping with joy but you have to control your expressions of joy especially while responding to this job offer because anything out of emotions can cause unrealistic and unfavorable consequences in professional life. This is definitely an occasion to celebrate but getting out of control would not be a favorable act as this is just the news of success, not success itself. The perfect ways to accept a job offer letter Read the job…

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