10 Amazing Places to Visit in Dubai

10 amazing places to visit in Dubai

Dubai fulfills your thirst of exploring the best places to visit on the earth at the pocket-friendly prices. Dubai is the city of lights, entertainment and luxuries that attracts the people belonging to all age groups from the lavish green gardens to the mind-blowing skyscrapers. This city has everything you need to soothe your inner self, if you are planning to visit Dubai any time sooner, fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentleman, as this article is the roller coaster that is going to go through the best spots in Dubai…

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15 Amazing things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating city offering a blend of old an new. It has taken less than a century for this once small fishing village to become a modern exciting city and popular holiday destination. Whether you are looking for travel deals for a relaxing break in the sun or an exciting shopping trip, Dubai has it all. It is a pleasant place to live or tour because of its cultural charm. The city may be very attractive during the day but it’s charm and merriment increases by many folds…

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Top 10 Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is a place for a perfect luxurious vacation from sandy deserts to lush green beautiful parks. Dubai is a city that has it all but nothing can beat the beautiful sandy and clear blue beaches of the city. The beaches in Dubai are warm, clean and aqua blue. The Persian Gulf Sea turns it into a perfect tropical resort location. Due to the intense temperature in the country, people choose to visit the beaches often to refresh and entertain themselves from the hectic routine. After the long week, many…

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