How to follow up after a job interview

Chances are that you may be aware of the steps before you head for an interview but did you know that there are a few things you can do or should do after an interview to improve your chances of landing the job?

5 Things you must do after a job interview

Well, the exact steps that you need to take would depend solely on your performance at the interview and the employment situation at the company you had gone for an interview. In general, here are a few things you can consider doing right after an interview. So make sure you give them a try and enhance your chances by a notch.

1. Ask the interviewer how to follow up?

Yes, you have every right to know the status of your interview or job application. This is why you need to find out how to follow up right after the interview session. As a standard procedure, you can politely ask your interviewer or the recruiter how you can follow up to get the result of your interview. In this regard, you can ask him/her about the timeline for the decision making or who should you contact or when you should contact the concerned person and so on. Alternatively, before leaving the room, you can ask for the business card of the interviewer. If you are not comfortable asking this, then you can consider gathering email addresses and contact for names from the reception area.

2. Analyze your performance

It is also important to analyze how you did in your interview. Once you walk away from the interview room and are in a place that is calm, ask yourself, “How did I answer the questions and how did the interviewer react?” “Was there something different I could have done?”, “Was I myself all through the interview session?” and so on. Once you start analyzing this experience, you become wiser and are able to do even better next time around. If you have already done your best, then there are high chances of getting the job!

3. Write a thank-you email after an interview

If you had an interview in the morning then it is better to send a thank you email by the end of the day to your interviewer. However, if you had an interview in the afternoon or early evening, then it is ok to send the same by the next morning. Some of the important points you can consider including in the email note include some of your strengths for the job you are applying to or trying to answer some questions that you had a hard time answering to while you were at the interview. Most hiring managers expect their interviewees to remain in touch with them and, therefore, when you send them a thank note via email, they will feel really good. It also gives you the opportunity to clarify something you said that you feel you did not really express accurately enough.

4. Connect on LinkedIn after the interview

Send a tailored LinkedIn connection request a day or two after the email. It shows that you follow up and it shows that it was not just another interview for you. It also gives you the opportunity to build up a personal relationship as well as a professional relationship. LinkedIn is one of the best tools to help you find a new job. You can join groups and follow companies that are relevant to your field.

5. Don’t lose job search momentum

Even if you are sure that you have done really well in the interview and stand a real chance of getting the job, you should not stop trying further. In fact, until you get the job offer or hear directly from the company authorities, you should keep applying for other job openings and attend interviews. If you are really good and lucky, chances are that you might end up getting two or more jobs at a time, and in these cases, you get an opportunity to see which of them offer the real deal to you.

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