How to respond to a job offer letter?

Getting a job offer will definitely excite you to a level where you will probably be jumping with joy but you have to control your expressions of joy especially while responding to this job offer because anything out of emotions can cause unrealistic and unfavorable consequences in professional life. This is definitely an occasion to celebrate but getting out of control would not be a favorable act as this is just the news of success, not success itself.

The perfect ways to accept a job offer letter

Read the job offer letter carefully

You need to hold your breath right after you hear the news or hear the announcement and hold your horses at the same time. You should consider the fact that the time right before getting hired is the most suitable time for any sort of negotiations with the employee because once you sign the employment agreement or contract for at least a good 6 months you will not be able to negotiate.

You need to act in the most proficient way to tackle and handle the situation so that it has beneficial consequences and thus you should note down the following strategy and strictly follow the sequence accordingly.

Prepare to write a formal letter thanking for the job offer and the opportunity to prove your worth and excel in the professional field. This letter needs to have the following points elaborated and explained as needed. The format of this email or letter needs to be fully official in its drafting and appearance.

Things to remember before responding to a job offer email

  • First of all, thank the employer for considering your eligible for the post.
  • Tell them that you would require the employer to openly discuss and explain the prospects of the employment job offer and other related details.
  • A wise employer always knows that potential candidates are considering employment offers made by other employers at the same time and they are comparing the incentives, payroll and other benefits to make a decision.
  • However, if the job position is a common one and doesn’t really require a potential candidate to be shortlisted and recruited for the job then the entire response pattern may change.

Now thoroughly read the below-given instructions to understand how you can make your points valid and meaningful and what are you writing this letter for.

What to include in a job offer acceptance letter reply?

Show interest, Not compulsion!

You need to understand that while not accepting the job offer momentarily you don’t leave an expression of discontent or displeasure on the job offer. You need to show that you are keen and overwhelmed to hear a positive response but at the same time, you are composed enough to think, analyze, evaluate and decide on the job offer. So what you do is you mention that you are interested to do the job but you have a few questions and things to be clarified about first and your acceptance is conditional to those clarifications. Remember that this sort of negotiation doesn’t weaken your case but instead, it strengthens your image and impression before the recruiting authority.

While on the other hand if you joyfully respond to the offer and say YES even before you have read the agreement or job description, you may get to see unexpected things that would be contrary to your joy and expectations.

How to negotiate a job offer?

If you are a woman and the salary gap between genders on the same post exists then it is fair at your end to negotiate and eliminate this salary difference. At the same position with similar experience and potential, you deserve to be paid at the same wage rate as a man.

But negotiating the salary before every job offer is not sensible and suitable as well and thus you need to prioritize different factors and negotiate on the basis of those factors.

Have a thorough thought of your circumstances and see what is in the list of priority and importance for you. If the shift hours don’t suit you for domestic or other reasons discuss it now and if the transport is your problem or a medical condition that is permanent and integral to be shared with the people you work for then do not hide it at all and let them know whatever it is.

Prioritize on the basis of the job offer letter

  • Make sure the salary is parallel to the market value.
  • Is everything favorable?
  • What would be the factor you don’t like the most.
  • Is your job description justified with the perks you get?

For all this, you need to respond to the job offer letter in an official way and ask for a written form of the job offer and other letters so that you can have a look at everything and read the contract or agreement and job description thoroughly before signing anything.

Say ‘Yes’ the right way when replying to a job offer letter

Accepting the job offer in writing means that you are verifying your understanding of the offer in your words to make sure that there is no confusion or double meaning trick being played to grasp the benefits from you. Now you will repeat and recap all the offers made to you in the offer letter in your tone and as an example, it could be: “As per my understanding according to this contract you will be bound to give me annual vacations for X days and Y amount of bonus payable on vacations encasement if I do not utilize the annual vacations, the offer also announces to cover 75% of my health care bills and is parallel to my 500K contributions up to the first 4% of my salary cheque.”

You need to act mature and this will help you build a positive and responsible image of yourself even before starting to work for the employer. This systematic and composed response is enough to inspire your employer and the entire administration or HR would consider you a serious candidate as compared to many others who didn’t really act as wise as you would by following the explained response strategy.

In your ending notes, you will proactively ask the joining dates and steps that will lead you further to the completion of accepting this offer if you decide so.

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